The best Side of תגיש לי

Nava Semel, an internationally acclaimed author from Israel, arrived at in her novel the highest level of art. She presents the visitors an unbelievable fascinating story, which grips us to our roots, even very long right after we finish reading through it.

Hi Deror avi, now the thing is how misleading Google translate is — this time from the other aspect ;) Regardless of whether the English area and German Platz seem to be related, they have a unique that means.

היי. ראיתי עכשיו ברשימת המעקב עריכה מהבוקר בדף הטלוויזיה החינוכית, ורציתי לשחזר בתור השחתה.

שלום, שחזרתי כמה בקשות שלך, בקשות למחיקה מהירה של טיוטה שהונחו על ערכים במרחב הערכים. תוכלי להסביר את הבקשה?

How to modify between the visual editing mode and the wikitext editing mode has become constant. There's a drop-down menu that reveals The 2 selections. This is now the exact same in desktop and cell World wide web enhancing, and inside of things that embed enhancing, for instance Circulation. [twelve]

Thinking of its the new year, I believe it is best to attempt the 2000's comic for your next selection. Conserve the others for later on, you've got acquired to accomplish a single on that, and I would even create a movie depending on it

חמש עשרה שנה (!) בהן הוא נתמך במקל, וויתר על חוויות, היה כבד רגשית ופיסית, הלך והידרדר.

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conditions terms to describe the actions of the farmer's son, like "rape", "sexual abuse", "Bodily violence", "threats" - are certainly not staying pronounced in her testimony to her granddaughter for she requirements a whole new psychological vocabulary. "המילה המפורשת" המוכרת אינה מצטיירת ככזו המסוגלת לתאר טראומה אישית אותה נושאת הסבתא שנים רבות מבלי לספר על אודותיה.The "Express Word" will constantly are unsuccessful to explain her own trauma, next decades of holding silent, and burying the events in her own pit. The grandmother's instinctהרצון להגן על הנכדה פוגש בחוסר היכולת לייצג את הסיפור בכלים מוכרים, ומכאן פנייתה של הנכדה אל מורתה בתום העדות ואמירתה "אין לי סיפור" (עמ' 65).of of protecting her granddaughter corresponds along with her incapacity to precise her Tale by any familiar tools, therefore the granddaughter's statement to her teacher "She has no story". הנכדה אינה מקבלת click here את דבריה הבלתי מובנים של סבתה כעדות ומכאן בטוחה שהפרויקט אותו תגיש יזכה לציון נכשל.The granddaughter will not take the non-structured fragmented language and for that reason she is certain her entire school venture is actually a failure.

Hello Deror - We now have a big, tagged and geotagged library of images from everywhere in the entire world, and we have an interest in using some of your illustrations or photos in it. I would rather not disclose the main points of what we intend to do with these illustrations or photos right here, but I would like to explore with you at your earliest benefit.

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